Photo of the day: Salamanca Market

Have you noticed the seasons are a’changin’?

The slight nip in the air at night, sneezes that rock you to the core – those hot summer days are just a figment of memory and autumn is here in all its glory.

Early autumn reminds me of a beautiful weekend I had in Tasmania last year. Here is a snap from The Salamanca Market in downtown Hobart.

Look at the colours of these vegies. How vibrant!

When I move to Tassie with one of my great pals, let’s call her the Tassie-Lover, we will go to the market most Saturdays, I think. She will buy some of those Chinese greens up the back and they will rot in her fridge. I will opt for a generous bunch of purple carrots and they probably will not even last the short stroll to my grand house over the Derwent.

The weather will be fresh and delightful, with sunny days and brisk nights. We’ll look at art and, honestly, we probably won’t work much.

Perhaps the Tassie-Lover will paint. We will both drink coffee.

Ah, how nice is it to dream, especially in early autumn.