It’s a boy!

Two weeks ago, Ben and I welcomed our son, Banjo, to the world.


The clichés don’t do any justice to the enormity of the moment, it’s truly spellbinding. Finally, I was able to put the pregnancy into perspective. It was hard to understand why I had turned into such a monster during the pregnancy because until I held that baby, I could not process that there was a human growing inside me.

And, in the past two weeks, I’ve learned a few things:

  1. My baby is perfect in every way.
  2. Cricket season is a really good time to have a newborn.
  3. Our bodies are truly awesome to be able to create life. I was studying the pores on little Banjo’s tiny hand the other day and couldn’t fathom that I had created this child that had all his fingers and toes and even bloody eyelashes. It’s astounding that my body can do that, but it still cannot process a bottle of Shiraz without serious complaint.
  4. Six hours sleep in a night is bloody great. Seven is pure decadence.
  5. My baby likes to poop in clean nappies, preferably just after the press studs have been done up on a cute-looking but complex onesie. Seriously, did Satan himself design baby suits as some sort of cruel joke? Even the midwives made fun of Ben and I attempting to do up the jigsaw of buttons. It’s not a one-person job.
  6. We are so lucky in Australia to have such a phenomenal public health system.
  7. I no longer have time for long blogs.

6 thoughts on “It’s a boy!

  1. Congratulation Penny & Ben, so wonderful to see a photo of little Banjo he is so cute and adorable. Enjoy every moment, it wont be long and he will be enjoying that Shiraz with you Penny

  2. Hi LPP
    I must say I don’t remember seeing much cricket- saw more of I Love Lucy at 4am!
    Enjoy every step and stage as it goes along- the first year is wonderful – esp after the first few months of hard work. You will have to learn to master blogs and breastfeeding at the same time.

  3. Enjoy the cricket, you can have a little shiraz, and it is wonderful to just watch this little person who has such a huge influence on your life.
    Go Banjo! xx

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