Eclipse the early-morning pain.

I liken getting out of bed in the morning to allowing a rabid dog to lick my face. Loathe it.

Luckily my job occasionally requires early starts and in these cases my steel-like work ethic will propel me from a luscious doona cocoon.

In the ute, to the local observatory and, bam, there’s the eclipse. Funky glasses to block harmful rays were included and a few telescopes showed the moon covering the sun and its black spots – which a helpful guide carefully explained to me are the coolest spots on the sun.

And like all good things in Charleville the cool peeps were there to share a chuckle with.

So this early morning was worth the alarm clock agony. But I think I’ll keep the pre-7am starts for special occasions.

4 thoughts on “Eclipse the early-morning pain.

  1. I think you all look very well dressed for a 5am start, not a pyjama in sight! Pity it was broad daylight, no daylight savings for you ha ha…… PS not sure if that is correct spelling of PJ’s

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