My Sunday office.

Combining work and pleasure is a perilous thought for some. The concept often alludes to sordid, debaucherous situations which result in awkward, meaningful looks being snuck at co-workers as hangovers and embarrassment jostle for priority.

I’ve found a more innocent way to bring hard yakka and hedonism together, as is true to my nature.

It’s my Sunday office. I can feel the sun seeping into my back while I write about yesterday’s footy game with the same enthusiasm I’d muster for rehashing a date with a mate. A cold Peroni is the icing on the Sunday-afternoon-work cake. It’s even low-alcohol, although that was definitely a dim-lighting-in-the-liquor-store error.

For the record, I completely endorse combining work and pleasure in other, much guiltier ways.

3 thoughts on “My Sunday office.

  1. So the desire for winter to be gone is thriving in Charleville. To make you feel much better it was minus 15 in Ebor on Wednesday morning. Their pipes froze, and they didn’t mind the minus 5 on Thursday.

    We are now home and the sun has gone away

  2. Hi LP
    I note that the screen is blank!
    Are you sure that computer is actually in use or just decoration????
    Nice to see the weather is warming up!

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