Not for all the tea in China.

I love a morning stroll. I especially love discovering new delicacies every morning for breakfast. There is one thing, however, that the Chinese do not do so well. It’s not a big surprise. I had been forewarned. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

It’s the coffee. It’s rubbish.

Even in the places it should be ok, it’s not.

But, this is all part of the China-detox I had been planning. Going without a morning latte is much easier when there is a smog-infused walk and ginger-flavoured candy on offer.

So far, I’ve also been keeping my dairy and cheese cravings at bay. Although, check-in with me in two months to see whether I’ve traded hiking for brie hunting.

Food aside, the best trade-off for coffee is, of course, tea.

And having a brew in China is like wearing a string bikini at Ipanema. It just feels right.

I’ve even invested in a little thermos, after seeing most of the population walking around with various shaped and coloured thermoses, all containing different types of tea.

I just love carrying the flagon around with me and stopping for a quick cuppa at every intersection.

And the looks I get from the locals, it’s like a daughter-in-law-to-be has just revealed to her future in-laws that she’s keen to have children as soon as possible after the wedding. I can feel their approval as they stare at me and trip over the chipped pavement.

Perhaps the best thing about my new pink flask is that it says “Childhood’s memory always tastes delicious,” on the side. I am always thinking that.

The tea is not super cheap, either. A few hundred grams of the nice jasmine brew I’m indulging in at the moment cost me the same as two plates of delicious dumplings. Choosing the leaves is quite the process, too. And a few leaves can be infused about five times by the hot water thermos that is conveniently located in the lobby. In fact, hot water is everywhere for your tea-drinking convenience.

But, despite all of the tea-leaf excitement, I still catch my mind wandering into the realms of lattes and Arabica beans at about 10am. At least I have my childhood memory, right.

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