Splendour and smog in Shanghai

I can’t quite see the tops of some of the towers on the other side of the river, such is the thick, eerie quality of the smog in this city. Also, I had expected to see some old Chinese folk practising Tai Chi as I strolled along the famous Bund. But as dorm-mate had warned me earlier, “the Bund is pretty. but you’re just walking along the river.”
Shanghai, on first impressions, did not overwhelm me with character or bustle, just with its size.
I made my way around the bohemoth, however, and found some quaint charms.
One of the highlights was strolling along the Bund, very aimlessly, breathing in the thick pollution and admiring the stunning colonial buildings clashing with the stark modernisation on the other side of the river. By itself, this could appear a rather dull pursuit and indeed it was not superbly exciting.
The best part of this morning walk was being snapped out of a reverie by a group of Chinese tourists waving their hands in such an animated fashion I thought one of them may have just laid an egg. A few blank looks, smiles and hand gestures later I realised they wanted a photo with me. Sure, I thought, flattered.
We passed their cameras around snapping as if the camera had just an inch of battery left. Then I bought out my camera to grab a photo of them and I thought their faces may just burst from their exuberant grins.
I walked away thinking Shanghai might not be so bad, after all.
Then, it happened again. Cameras were passed around like damper at a campfire. How great is this, I thought as I took on my new role of mini-celebrity.
And then, it happened again. My head swelled a little more.
Throughout the day I clocked five experiences of photos with Chinese tourists and I really have no idea what’s going on with the combined tourist shost, but I love it. The sense of community and knocking down of cultural barriers is beautiful.
However, I was more than a little perturbed when my mate told me later on, rather awkwardly, that my fly was undone. Oh dear!

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