It’s not all beer and skittles.

We’ve all had them and we’ve all hated ’em. I’m talking about those day. Those days that need no explanation except a shake of the head, a shrug of the shoulders and a frown to explain.

You know the ones. I’m talking about the days when plans of mooching around and getting an all-over tan are replaced with plans for a mercy dash to see a sick relative. That’s never great news, but it does not always spoil the day.

It can deepen, however, when you smash a precious heirloom while vacuuming. Mum still does not know about that one.

If, at that stage, your day still looks redeembale, you should probably go the the hairdressers and spot the gray hair in the your fringe.

To be clear, this was my reality a few days ago. It’s not my first gray hair, but certainly the first one I’ve seen from a distance, not from combing back my hair with a magnifying glass searching for some subtle hint that I could be growing up. It was a shock and it did not improve the day.

It’s not over yet.

A five-hour drive from Tamworth to Sydney at night was waiting for me after I’d done the school run and picked up my mum.

Driving at night on a winding road where drivers see it as a personal challenge to drive as close to your bumper as possible adds another edge. That’s not a good time to put on the this-is-how-hard-Chinese-Mandarin-is-and-you’ll-never-learn-it CD. That does not really bolstered confidence. I guess I should have started earlier learning that particular language.

This is not a day which will end with a deep blue cheese, a vintage Merlot and the sunset.

So, clearly, not every day is a winner. And if it’s going downhill, chances are it will pick up speed. Attitude is everything on these days.

When I was working as a barista, I remember one customer splashing coffee all over herself. A big, piping cup of brown milky goodness was splashed across her white shirt. She shook her head in resignation. “It’s been one of those days,” she said, clearly reigned to the fate of her day. I was having a splendid day and imagined her missing the bus and tripping over her dirty clothes, but I sensitively tried to hide that.

The best part about one of those days is that they finish. And the next day, you can make it a winner – that’s the trick!

2 thoughts on “It’s not all beer and skittles.

  1. Yes the dash was worth it but you do always feel better when you do share your woriies. As to the big drive, the tailgaters are deserving of expletives and they are good practice for endurance -just the concentrating kind!

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