Mooching made easy.

I can almost hear the vegetables and the grass growing out here. It is luscious near Tamworth at the moment. And the ardent agriculture provides the perfect backdrop for some mooching.

Early in the mornings I like to go out and check how much rain we have had. I see little sense in this country routine. I guess it’s more spectacular when there is something in the gauge to check. For now, it seems like polishing boots and putting them back in the cupboard. An utterly useless pursuit that makes you feel like you’ve done something useful.

After I have confirmed that, yes, my suspicions were correct and, no, there was not a spectacular weather event in the night. I will ponder the horizons for a moment. Mostly this involves walking around the house very aimlessly.

It’s not a bad view, really, for my morning espresso. Strangely there are no men in lycra in these parts.

Inevitably, I’m drawn to dad’s vegies like a kid to vending machine. This is dad’s killer tomato that I mistook for a pumpkin. I think he is waiting for the Tomato Festival so he can show it off to all the other vegetable-growing freaks around here.

The other garden is still in that phase I liken to a baby before it is crawling. It looks so neat and tidy, but it is not actually able to bring anything to the table, yet.

The day is broken up when Ma and Pa return from their jobs in Tamworth City. This means dad sits in an office and dreams about his country music career that has been cruelly halted by his love for mowing the lawn. As soon as he is home it’s straight to the mower for my dad. He is never happier than when he’s just had his afternoon fix behind the Rover.

After this, we watch the sunset. Out here they seem more crisp.

 The colours don’t linger quite so long.

And, as soon as the sun disappears behind the hay shed it is instantly chilly.

Hibernating at my parent’s house is, obvioulsy, fairly relaxing. It’s also nice, because it gives me an insight into their lives. I’ve been blessed with some pretty awesome parents. They’re great fun and nicely open-minded. As their kid, I’m lucky in that they still seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

All around the house I have spotted the places where Ma and Pa (I used to call them mum and dad before they moved to Tamworth, FYI) hang out. It’s very cute.

This must be where they sit and have fires, I have surmised.

And this is the sunset-watching possie.

Or, as it happened yesterday, that’s also the spot Ma and I took up to watch dad mow the lawn.

So, you see, there’s plenty to do in the country

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