Lovely you and lovely me.

“Hi Penny,

So sorry to hear that you are moving but hope all goes well for the future. Good to have met you.

Love Tony. xx.”

Just when you’re getting ready to sling a bag on your back and jump on a plane, the awesomeness of your life is bought into clear focus.

This letter from our gardener, a lovely, lovely man that I have met about five times, is one of many little gems that have been sent to me recently. The message is clear: “your life here is sweet. Aprreciate it.”

To cope with the influx I have found myself getting horizontal on my bed all the time. Straight back to bed after breakfast. A few hours in the middle of the day. A few hours at night. I stare up at my paper prayer flags, a few of my favourite posers and, of course, my dreamweaver map.

I do love being horizontal, there is no better position for lazing. But this recent phase, I think it’s a last ditch attempt to recognise the beauty within my current lifestyle. It’s a pointless pursuit, obviously, with just two weeks left in Sunny Brisbane, but I feel I’m being pulled back into my comfort zone. And lying on the bed helps me to process what I’m giving up in pursuit of a change and a challenge

Having mates up the hill in a house which I still have a key to, that’s special.

Rocking up to the markets on a Saturday and running into a few pals in an equally hungover state. Sharing a coffee with those dudes is also special.

Calling a mate and asking them over for dinner, them saying yes and having someone to cook for, that’s pretty cool.

Gathering a crew together and heading to the beach for a weekend on the sand, it does not get much better than that.

And, yes, that’s what I’m giving up.

Handyman Tony, the lovely dude who would rock up, weed the garden, drink all of our coffee and then bust in on me while I was getting changed, he’ll soon just be a memory.

I admit, I’m scared about leaving this cosy, beautiful existence I have made for myself. But make it once, you can make it again, right?

“I must say a word about fear. It is life’s only true opponent. Only fear can defeat life. It is a clever treacherous adversary.”

I came across these lines in The Life of Pi. To me, that says, harden the f*** up.

Finding lovely people, such as Handyman Tony, is a matter of trust. For example, while cruising down a back street in Pokhara in Nepal my brother had a motorbike pull up alongside him. It was about 1am and he was on the way home from a beer sampling.

The local on the bike stops and starts chatting to my brother. Of course, Nick asks for some advice on pick-up lines. After exhausting that avenue of conversation, the random dude asks if Nick wants a ride home. “Aw yeah, do I,” he  exclaims enthuiastically and jumps on this stranger’s bike.

A few blocks later, Nick jumps off the bike, shakes his hair out of the non-existent helmet and thanks the stanger for the ride. “Do you want some money,” he asks, again, enthusiastically.

“No man, of course not. It was just a pleasure to help you out,” the kind Nepalese man replies, graciously.

So I must conclude that these lovely people are everywhere. And creating meaning from passing interactions, that’s up to me.

This story has a happy ending, that I must be confident of. But more importantly, let’s hope it is a bloody interesting story.

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