Any questions for Ben? Nup, none.

If you’d like to spend the afteroon indulging in a portrait of hedonism, Any Questions for Ben is the flick to see this Sunday arvo.

That’s not to say this movie is too trivial and whimsical to bother with; it’s a delightful and heart-warming tale. But Ben’s hopelessness in love and failure to give the beautiful Alex (Rachel Taylor) what she wants, is tiresome. I’d love to give you a full synopsis, but I reckon you should probably go and see it for yourself.

Some brief highlights: Melbourne looks stunning. The scenes of the city hustle and bustle, the Melbourne Cup, tree-lined streets and the Yarra’s bridges give the city a real ambience. Not only does the place look spanking, but my plus-one could excitedly point out a few places she knew. This was pretty annoying. I’m not a big fan of movie talkers and those awful patrons that laugh too loudly, or keep on laughing when the joke is long gone, but the familiarity was, well, nice.

Also, it’s funny. The Aussie humour, although occasionally overdone, portrays an honest picture of the laconic Aussie bloke. Ben’s best mate’s girlfriend, Em, is bloody hilarious quizzing his ditzy model girlfriends. “One more question,” she asks the first one, “ooooh I love these games,” Fleur squeals. “If you were stuck on a desert island and had to choose just one accessory, would it be shoes or a handbag?”

Then there is Rachel Taylor. She plays the role of Alex superbly and brings to life a selection of the frustrations that Aussie dudes bestow upon us poor dames.

So, there’s three good reasons. Now go and see this movie!

If you don’t like it, at least you’ll know that you supported Aussie cinema and that can only be a good thing if we can get more movies like this and less like Charlie and Boots (which I haven’t seen, but Shorn Lowry says it’s up there with some of the worst Aussie flicks, ever).

One thought on “Any questions for Ben? Nup, none.

  1. Want a bit of a laugh – see A Few Best Men – role reversal of the yobbo and the pretentious.
    Or fancy a trip to Hawaii – see George in The Descendants.

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