A splashing success

It’s about 1am again. This time I am strolling home with my heels in my hand and a huge grin is splashed across my face. the night has been a success.

I’m about 20 paces from my house, reminiscing about my free bus trip into town, the free daiquiries and, of course, the free cab home. The night itself was not too shabby. The surprise party was a surprise, the company delightful and hilarious. Again, a success.

Naturally, I’m fairly chuffed with my Friday. The house is in sight. I’m skipping across the puddles and thinking of my warm bed, smiling and holding my umbrella to the rain, staying dry, then BOOM! A taxi zooms past (where it came from I cannot say; perhaps out of a black hole nearby) and a torrent of filthy street water splashes straight into my eyes, drenching my hair, the heels dangling from my hands and my clothes.

Suddenly, I’ m a dirty, drowned street rat. Another success?

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