Coffee by night.

Here it is. 1 am. And I’m not strolling through the door heels in hand and hair askew. Thanks to a perky post-dinner, post-icecream cappuccino, which was just delightful with a dusting of cinnamon, I am still wide awake at 1am.

The extra time is a God-send. Here I am re-connecting with my blog. I’d forgotten I had a WordPress. I’ve finished my book, cleaned my room and done a hundred sit-ups, give or take.

But, self-indulgence aside it’s strange for me to stay awake on a week night. Bucking that trend and having a caffiene hit at 10pm is almost as counterintuitive as smashing down a big bowl of carbonara and going for a run immediately after. Or travelling to the beach and not frolicking in the waves. It’s abnormal, for me at least.

So, the point? It’s the little things that matter. Breaking those tiny routines that we don’t even notice can lead to other changes, productive changes, even. I’ve crossed things off my to-do list tonight that have been there for over two years (and it was getting progressively more difficult to see my bedroom floor).

And it’s all thanks to the night-time coffee. I reckon I’ll save it for special occasions, but it’s definitely a winner to trade the Rooibos for a cappuccino here and there.


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